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Oresti Patricios The next scene is of Chuene walking through a rural village, dressed in his trademark denim and leather. The sky is moody and overcast, with clouds over the mountainous background. In voiceover he says: But you know what? Things are starting to change, and more and more people are moving forward. Then the ad moves to Chuene in his studio, working at the sewing machine with the bag material, stitching it into something new. His narration continues: If Id told someone 20 years ago that these bags would become a fashion statement, they would have laughed in my face. Youve got to see the potential The camera pans across a corkboard with photos of various creations made using china bag material. The scenes that follow juxtapose the scenes of the old bags with more visuals of Chuenes creations, including closeups on his label, Vernac. His narration concludes: Maybe thats the trick to life. Youve got to try and not see things or people for where they are right now. Youve got to try and see things from a different perspective; youve got to see the potential. Once you can do that, theres no stopping you. The final shot is of Chuene in front of a cloud-covered mountain, with his name on the screen, and the title, A new perspective on design. Following this is a simple packshot of the three Scottish Leader whisky bottles: Original, Signature and Aged 12 Years. The conventional way of selling scotch whisky, more often than not, is to wax lyrical about the Scottish origins, the peat, the heath and the bagpipes which doesnt ring true with most South Africans.

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Sales of handbags with no visible logo were highest amongst those aged 50 and older, but the phenomenon gained the most traction with Generation Z those aged 17 years and under whose unit sales of handbags with no visible logo rose 8 percent year on year. show chapters Friday, 25 Nov 2016 | 3:57 AM ET | 02:44 According to The NPD Group's data, older millennials, aged 25-34, and Generation X, aged 35-49, also increased their purchasing of designer bags with no visible logo. The style has been pioneered by luxury brand Celine, as well as Giorgio Armani and Hermes amongst others, said Silvano Vangi, luxury buyer and creative director at online luxury fashion retailer LUISAVIAROMA. "The concept keeps the focus on the product, it's a discreet luxury that is really based on the tailoring and fabric," he told CNBC via e-mail. Adding a different dimension to Cohen's analysis, Richard Cope, senior trends consultant at Mintel, chalks the anti-branding movement up to consumers "want(ing) more discreet, more experiential products." Cope told CNBC via telephone that consumers today "don't just define luxury in terms of material goods." Cope cited Mintel data from March 2016 which charted only 15 percent of survey respondents specifying luxury goods to be those featuring visible logos. The most popular definition associated with luxury was high quality, non-massed produced goods, backed up by 42 percent of those asked. Speculating on the psychology behind anti-branding, Cope said that "brands now have multiple price entry points and so are diluted psychologically, (they) no longer bring mystique." Cope added that consumers want to invest in products that they perceive as not widely available or mass produced. Items that are customised, limited or unique in some way are relevant for this reason. Vangi added that anti-branding creates its own exclusivity, appealing to a "select group of people who are very luxury oriented and appreciate minimalism." He said that items including the Loewe Puzzle bag, the Max Mara Manuela coat and Manolo Blahnik's shoes are "definitely amongst the most popular" for the trend. show chapters Friday, 25 Nov 2016 | 10:02 AM ET | 02:05 The anti-branding trend is moving eastwards, with the stereotype of Chinese middle class shoppers in pursuit of big brands also starting to slip. Mintel's data revealed that 44 percent of Chinese consumers said that they preferred experiential luxury such as spas and resorts rather than material items.

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President Donald Trump (C) celebrates with Congressional Republicans in the Rose Garden of the White House after the House of Representatives approved the American Healthcare Act, to repeal major parts of Obamacare and replace it with the Republican healthcare plan, in Washington, U.S., May 4, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria 2/2 WASHINGTON U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders said on Saturday that President Donald Trump was right to call Australia's universal healthcare system better than the U.S. system. Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination last year, also said the Senate should use the Australian system as a model while crafting an alternative to Republican healthcare legislation that Trump endorses. "President Trump is right. The Australian healthcare system provides healthcare to all of its people at a fraction of the cost than we do," Sanders commented on Twitter. The tweet was accompanied by a short video that set out the virtues of Australia's universal healthcare system, saying it guarantees better service to all Australians at about half the cost of U.S. healthcare. The video also noted that Australians can expect to live longer than Americans, on average.